Samago Prague

The company was established to continue the owner's commercial activity in the chemical industry. Samago rapidly became an ambasador of interests of Czech and Slovak manufacturers in Croatia and Slovenia. The first activity was the export of ingredients for paints and varnishes, as well as silicious sand for the glass industry. By the mid 1990's our export reached a substantial share of the total Czech non pharmaceutical chemical industry export to Croatia.


Samago Zagreb

We established the company which provides all-inclusive services for Croatian manufacturers using chemical ingredients. The company achieved a turnover of € 800 000 in the following year and also won some major tenders. Samago Zagreb supplied approximately 20% of the sodium hydroxide demand in the Croatian market.



We introduced polypropylene (PP) as well as high and low density polyethylene (HDPE/LDPE) to the Croatian market. From 2004 to 2007 the yearly volume reached 4 000 tons. Our market share of high density polyethylene in Croatia achieved 10 - 15%.



The acquisition of Lach-Ner, an associated company of Lachema Brno owned by Pliva, opened new horizons for us. We became active in pure and laboratory chemicals having obtained a new industrial infrastructure.


Samago Belgrade

Establishing Samago Belgrade we started a dynamic distribution of ingredients for paints and varnishes thereby widening our company activity to other markets of former Yugoslavian countries. The following year the comapany achieved a turnover of around 1 mil. € so becoming a significant distributor of ingredients for paints and varnishes, especially titanium oxide.


Lach-Ner trading department

In order to achieve logistical advantage and strengthen the commercial department Samago relocated to the Czech town Neratovice, Lach-Ner´s registered office. A trading department was formed in Lach-Ner two years later and related synergies were also moved from Samago to Lach-Ner. A stronger economic and logistic unit with united leadership was formed.


Acquisition of company Reanal Laborvegyszer Kft, Budapest

By acquiring the Reanal Labor company in Budapest the first stage of business strategy in Central and Southern Europe was accomplished and more organized sales of product lines has been achieved.


The future

Most of the business related with processing chemical raw materials, pure and laboratory chemicals is done today through Lach-Ner and its affiliated companies. Our vision is to grow through acquisition as well as develop our distributor network in Central and Southern Europe and other European Union countries.

Samago, as the founder of this business strategy, continues to exist as a separate unit dealing with chemical and non-chemical products not sinergically with Lach-Ner.